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1 "A History of Shenadoah County", pg 660, the source for Ms. Issaces as John Skelton Williams wift.
Issacs, Lila Lefebvre (I853)
2 "A Link Among the Days" notes that
- he died in the Christmas season before 1881, when WAR Goodwin's other grandfather died
Rutherfoord, Samuel J. (I126)
3 "A Link Among the Days" reported
- 1st child was Evelyn Withers Goodwin, born 2/2/1896, confirming previous data (p 52)
Archer Family Records reports that birth date was 2/2/1896
Whitepaper titled "Descendants of Ther Rev. William Rutherfoord Goodwin, D. D. (1869-1939), reports
- death in West Orange, NJ on 31 Oct, 1977
- married to Barclay Harding Farr on 1 July 1916
Goodwin, Evelyn Withers (I131)
4 "A Link Among the Days" reports
- date of marriage was 28 June 1917 at St James Church in Ashland, VA [Note current entry says the date of marriage is 28 Jul 1917 but the source is not know. ]
- Frank Ribble was the best man (p. 97)

Family F37
5 "A Link Among the Days" reports
- E. Ruffin Jones was newly rector of Bruton Parish church in 1913 (p. 92) [a check of the plaque in Bruton Parish Church reveals that he was rector from 1909 to 1926]
Stowe's Clerical Directory, 1920-21
- R. Bruton Par., Williamsburg, VA 1909 --
- b. Prince George County, 3/7/1878
- UVA, BA 1902
- VTS, D-1903, P-1904
- m. Jane Bell Dabney, UVA 6/24/1903
- F. Mssy. Boise, Ida. and Tchr S. Marg Hall, boise, Ida 1903-04
- Missy., Salmon, Ida, 1904-05
- Missy, Pocatello, Ida. 1905
- ArchD, Boise, Ida, 1905-07
- Vic, Epiph. Chap., Washington DC 1907-1909
- Mem. Stndg. Com. dio. So. Va., 1919--
Died 5 days before 75th birthday 
Jones, Reverend Edmund Ruffin (I720)
6 "A Link Among the Days" reports
- Ethel Howard was 30 in 1917 (p 94) implying a date of birth of abt 1887
Descendants of The Rev William Archer Rutherfoord Goodwin (1869 - 1939) provided
- name as Ethel Howard
- birthday of 1/8/1887
- birth in Montgomery, AL
- daughter of John Clarke Howard and Mary Howard (cousin)
- death in richmond on 2/20/1954
- buried in Bruton Parish Churchyard
Howard, Ethel (I135)
7 "A Link Among the Days" reports
- Evelyn married in April 1917

Family F202
8 "A Link Among the Days" reports
- James Clark Howard was "a railroad man" (p. 97)
- a VMI cadet who fought at the Battle of New Market (p 97)

Howard, James Clarke (I136)
9 "A Link Among the Days" reports
- Maj Nathaniel Mitchell Tannor was Evelyn Tannor's father

Tannor, Major, CSA Nathaniel Mitchell (I831)
10 "A Link Among the Days" reports
- Mary Howard died the January preceding her daughter's marriage to WAR (marriage was summer 1917, making her death Jan 1917) p. 97

Mary (I137)
11 "A Link Among the Days" reports
- the wedding was Feb 19, 1985 (p. 50)s
- wedding officiated by Bishop A. M Randolph, his uncle Rev Dr. E. L. Goodwin assisting.
- Frank and Fred Ribble attended - Frank being Best Man
Archer family records indicate the marriage date of 2/19/1896 vice 1895
Family F36
12 "A Link Among the Days" reports
- William Archer's birth was on 6/23/1906, confirming previous information (p 76)

Goodwin, William Archer (I134)
13 "A Link Among the Days" reports that
- Evelyn was a Tannor not a Tanner as I had listed
- Evelyn Tannor died 1/15/1915 (confirming earlier data)in Rochester NY, and was buried in the Bruton Parish church graveyard.(p 91)
Archer family records list Evelyn as a Tanner not a Tannor. It also notes her middle name as withers
W. A. R. Goodwin Descendants Genealogy by M. R. M. Goodwin (1979) states that Evelyn was:
- born in Petersburg, Va on 1 Oct 1869
- died in Rochester, NY on 15 Jan, 1915 
Tanner, Evelyn Withers (I130)
14 "A Link Among the Days" reports that
- Mary Katherine was born on 11/1/1898, confirming existing data (p. 54)

Whitepaper titled "Descendants of Ther Rev. William Rutherfoord Goodwin, D. D. (1869-1939), reports
- Mary Katerine Goodwin was born in Pwetersburg, VA on 1 Nov 1898; married in Rochester NY on Sept 18, 1920, George Candee Buell and died in Coral Gables Fl on Jan 3, 1970
Goodwin, Mary Katherine (I132)
15 "A Link Among the Days", p 22, notes that Dr Archer was an Army Surgeon at Fort Monroe in 1936 when his daughter, Mary Frances Archer" married Frederick Deane Goodwin.
Archer Family Records indicates that Robert Archer died in his 84th year
From the records of Sally Goodwin Klein, a published copy of a poem written by Dr. Robert Archer was provided and is retyped below:


A Poem written by Dr. Robert Archer, Richmond VA
Dec 26, 1866

'Twas the night after Xmas, and all through the town,
The nurses were running, some up and some down.
The doctor was wanted, for a plague on Old Nick,
His visit had made all the little ones sick.
His cakes were so nice, and his pies were so sweet,
That from morning till night they did nothing but eat.
Their hearts were all light and peeped out of their eyes;
There stomachs were tight and chock full of mince pies.

They were as merry as larks, had no care for tomorrow,
Unmindful that joy is soon followed by sorrow.
The lights were all out, and the blinds were all closed;
Papa and Mamma in deep slumber reposed,
The cat on the hearth rug was licking her paws,
And seemed to be thinking of Old Santa Claus.
The fire in the chimney burned cheerful and bright,
And the frost on the panes shone like crystals of light.

The tea-kettle bubbling before the warm blaze
Was singing the dirge of once happier days.
The clock on the mantel had just sounded one,
And announced that another new day had begun,
When hark! from the nursery a solo of moans,
Then a duet of sobs, with a chorus of groans,
Broke in on the stillness and silence of night,
And threw the whole house in commotion and fright.

The mother's quick ear first encountered the sound;
She jumpted up in bed and sprang out with a bound;
Papa had oft witnessed such tumult before,
And the louder the groans, why, the louder he'd snore;
But oh, such a scene was ne'er witnessed before,
The children were rolling about on the floor !
The bed clothes were ruined, the carpet was spoiled,
And their pretty night dresses were rumpled and soiled.

The nurse all bewildered was fretting and grieving,
The children in concert were retching and heaving,
"Oh! me, I'm so sick, I shall die of this pain,
I'll never touch Santa Claus candy again!"
Poor Ma, in a flutter threw up her sad eyes,
Little Bob with a splutter threw up his mince pies,
And St. Nick, who was peeping, cried out with a titter,
"In everything sweet, there's a drop that is bitter,
But cheer up, my children, you'll soon be all right";
And cracking his whip he soon dashed out of sight.

The crisis was over and all went to bed,
Sweet slumber soon fell on each dizzy head;
The life blood again freely coursed in their veins,
And dreams of St Nicholas danced through their brains.
With a smile they awoke from their visions of bliss,
As Mamma on each rosy lip planted a kiss;
And they vowed that in spite of all sickness and pain,
They would hang up their stockings next Christmas again.
Archer, Dr. Robert (I77)
16 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" indicates middle name of 'Crump'
"Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 12/15/1879
Gravestone shows birth and death dates of 1878 - 1981
Called "Greenie" by her grandchildren because she lived in a green house (reported by Cary Page Jones Carlson)
Goodwin, Alice Crump (I60)
17 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 1/23/1855
Gravestone in Wytheville, VA East End Cemetery shows
birth: 1/23/1855
death: 2/7/1924
- date of death also confirmed on Hanover County Certificate of Death #3346
Virginia Theological Seminary Class of 1880
Rector at Ashland, VA church during WW I
Obituary from 2/8/1924 Daily Press of Newport News provided following information:
- served as rector of St Marks, Richmond, VA from 1900 to 1904
- served as rector of St james Episcopal Church, Ashland, VA from 1910 to 1921, retiring due to poor health
- services at St James Episcopal Church, Ashland on 2/9/1924
- buried in Wytheville, beside his wife
- editor of "The Southern Churchman" for many years
- survived by Rev Frederick Deane Goodwin, a son
"A Link Among the Days" reports that
- Edward was rector of the Ashland, VA church in 1916, when Conrad H Goodwin married Maria Lee, at which ceremony WAR met Ethyl Howard (pp 94 & 96)
"We and Our Kinsfolk", by Ephraim and Rebekah Waterman Briggs, notes:
"Rev. Edward Louis Goodwin, rector of Grace Church, Bowlesville, Albemarle County, Virginia, married Jan 11, 1881, Maria L. Smith, a great-granddaughter of Chief Justice John Marshall"
Goodwin, Reverend Edward Lewis (I93)
18 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 1/6/1872
Birth and death dates from gravestone
1880 Census for Lovington, Nelson, VA indicates Mary was age 8, agreeing with DOB of 1872
Archer family records indicate Dec 1871 but it is very hard to read
Ribble, Mary Archer (I395)
19 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 1/6/1890
buried St John's Church Richmond
Maria Lee Goodwin Firth described Mary Ambler Goodwin as "Little Aunt Mamie". Mary Francis Goodwin was "Big Aunt Mamie"
Goodwin, Mary Ambler "Mamie" (I37)
20 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 10/24/1846 and a death date of 11/2/1846
Goodwin, Susan Valentine (Died in Infancy) (I442)
21 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 11/1/1886
Stowe’s Directory Entries for Robert Archer Goodwin II:
- 502 Joise Hite Pl, winchester VA 22601 Retired 1956
- 134 W. Water Street, Winchester VA (20-21)
- b. Petersburg VA, 3/1/1886
- Richmond College, BA 1905
- UVA, M.A. 1907
- VTS, BD 1910, DD 1941
- Deacon - Jun 1910, Priest - Jun 1911
- Married Emily Gravatt 11 Sep 1912 - 3 children
- Missionary China - 1910 - 1915
- Robert Archer Goodwin III born 3 Aug 1914 in Kuling China (added - not in Stowe’s)
- June 1915 - Rev and Mrs R. A. Goodwin and son Robert Archer Goodwin III arrived in San Francisco from China. (added - not in Stowe’s)
- Assistant Rector, Grace, Richmond, VA 1915-1917
- Emily Gravatt Goodwin born 24 Nov 1915 (added - not in Stowe’s)
- Served in France, Chinese Labor Corps - 1918-1919
- Rector John's Parish, Aldie VA 1917- 1920
- John Gravatt Goodwin born 23 Mar 1920 added - not in Stowe’s)
- Christ Church, Winchester 1920-1921
- Missionary Kuling School China - 1921-22
- Vicar and Chaplain VA Episcopal Boys School Lynchburg, VA 1922-23
- Lynnhaven Parish, Norfolk VA, 1924 - 26
- Executive Secretary Southern Virginia
- St Pauls Church and Church Home for Orphans and Wilmer Training School for Church Women, Spring Hill, AL 1926-28
- Christ Church, Martinsville, VA 1929-34
- Rector Cunningham Chapel Parish, VA 1934-40
- Dean and Professor, Bishop Payne Divinity School, Petersburg, VA 1940-49
- Professor VTS, 1949-1956
“Rev. and Mrs. Robert A. Goodwin, Jr., and baby sailed from Shanghai on the S.S. Korea, May 29th, arrived at San Francisco, June 21st, reaching Richmond on June 26th.”, from “Announcements Concerning the Missionaries,” Spirit of Missions LXXX (August 1915, No. 8, p. 570.
“The Rev. Robert A. Goodwin, of Anking, China, and his family have lately reached Virginia on their vacation, after five years’ service and are now at Casanova, Fauquier county, Va., where they will remain for several weeks. The Rev. Conrad H. Goodwin also returned with his brother on account of ill heath, acting under the advice of the Board of Missions and his Bishop.” from “Virginia. Returned Missionaries,” Southern Churchman LXXX (07/17/1915), No. 29, p. 8.
“The Rev. R.A. Goodwin, of the Missionary District of Anking, now in charge of Johns Parish, Aldie, Loudoun county, will go the France this summer as a Y.M.C.A. worker in charge of the Chinese laborers who are working behind the lines in France. “, from News Notes,” Our Diocesan Work, Vol. XXXIV (June 1918), No. 6, p. 2.
From VTS Archivist: Rev. Robert A. Goodwin, 1886-1971, VTS 1910. Dr. Goodwin was Dean of Bishop Payne Divinity School, Petersburg, Virginia, and came to teach at this institution when BPDS closed in 1949. As Archivist for both institutions, it is my specific responsibility to identify and collect the personal and professional papers of the deans and professors of BPDS and VTS. The VTS Archives does not possess any papers of Dr. Goodwin and I have been unable to identify any collections of such papers in any other repository. Do you or other members of your family still have Dr. Goodwin's personal papers?
Alice Armitage, Granddaughter of Robert Archer Goodwin I, adds the following about the missionary years:
When he went in 1910, he was most likely sent to language school for 6 months to a year. From the research I did for ..... it appears that almost all missionaries spent time in language school in Shanghai before being posted at a mission.
Most of the Episcopalian Missions in China were located along the Yangtze River. I don’t know if our Grandfather was posted to a mission before he returned to Virginia to marry Granny in 1912. But I know that after he and Granny married, they were sent to Kiukiang (under current spelling conventions (called pinyin) the town is now Jiujiang, but still means Nine Rivers), a small city up the Yangtze once the center of the China Tea Trade. At that time, it was about a three days boat ride from Shanghai.

Boone University, where Conrad was posted, was located in the town of Wuchang ( At the time it was a separate entity located across the river from the bigger town of Hankow. Now they have merged, along with another nearby town, Hanyang, and are collectively referred to as Wuhan.). Wuchang was farther up the Yangtze, i.e. farther inland and was probably at least a day’s travel from Kiukiang by the transportation available then on the river (there were no roads to speak of). But from what I can gather, the missionaries up and down the Yangtze did keep in pretty close touch with one another so I am sure that our grandfather and Conrad would have had some communication and probably visited one another while they were both there.

The town of Kuling, (current spelling is Guling), where your father was born, was a summer retreat in the Lushan mountains just south of Kiukiang. The town was developed by the missionaries in China around 1895 in order to allow the families living along the Yangtze to escape the heat and disease of the intense summers in the region. (Conrad and Robert may well have seen each other there as well.) Many families spent three months or more up there, with the missionaries themselves coming up as often as possible. (The only way to get up to Kuling at that time was to climb a steep set of stairs (one account I read said there were at least 1000 steps straight up). Most of the women and children and probably a fair number of the men were carried up the stairs by coolies).

Our grandfather returned to Kuling in 1921 to work at the American school set up there for Chinese children. Your father and my mother and Uncle John (at the time a small baby) did accompany both of their parents there. I have pictures of all of them in China and my mother used to tell me stories of what she remembered of their life in China. I know that Granny had not wanted to go back to China (the stories I have read of life over there for the missionaries make it quite clear that it was not an easy life, especially for the families) and had a “breakdown” of sorts that required them to return much sooner than expected. I gather that our grandfather loved being a missionary and would have stayed in China for his entire career if it had been up to him. (I thought it interesting that, on the picture that you sent, the words “go ye into all the world” are written on his headstone. It is those words in the New Testament that Christians have always interpreted to demonstrate God’s desire to spread the word of Jesus to other cultures. I have read that those words are inscribed prominently at VTS and that, at the time that Robert and Conrad graduated from there, it was considered the highest calling of a new cleric to volunteer for missionary work.)

[Note: An update of the area nearly 100 years later written by Alice Armitage: From one of the recent guidebooks (2004) I have about Lushan, I understand that the Kuling American School (also designated Villa No. 381) is now the Yee Yuan Guest House. It is apparently located a little bit outside of what was the main town area of Kuling in what was then called Cow Valley. It is now called Dong Gu (East Valley). According to this guidebook, almost 1000 of the original villas built by Westerners still exist, including Dr Barrie's Hospital where Robert Archer Goodwin, Jr. was most likely born (it is now the Lushan Hotel).

Alice Armitage adds information to the period in which the children of Robert Archer Goodwin II and Emily Gravatt were sent to live with relatives.
My mother also mentioned being sent to live with relatives. It was my impression that this occurred after they returned from China and was due to Granny’s “breakdown”. I got the sense from my mother that she had never completely forgiven her mother for being sent off alone, without her brothers, to live with people she did not know well. It was not, for her, a pleasant experience.
Goodwin, Reverend Robert Archer II (I24)
22 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 11/5/1888
Virginia Theological Seminary Class of 1917
Stowe's Clerical Directory (various)
- Retired Bishop 1961
- living at 6321 Three Chopt Rd, Richmond, VA 23226
- born Clamount VA, 11/5/1888
- William and Mary, B.A., B.S., MA, LLD 1951
- VTS, 1917, Deacon - Jun 1917, Priest - Jun 1918, BD - 1923, DD - 1929
- married Blache Elbert Moncure 16 Oct 1917 (3 children)
- Rector Cople Lunenburg and North Famham Parish and St Pauls Chapel Nomini Grove VA 1917-24
- Leave of absence to serve as Secretary Rural Work National Council 1925 - 26
- Rector Cople Lunenburg and North Famham Parish and St Pauls Chapel Nomini Grove VA 1926-1930
- Consecrated Bishop Coadjudicator of VA 16 Oct 1930
- Hampden Sidney LLD 1935
- Bishop Coadjudicator of Virginia 1944-1961
- Author "Beyond City Limits"
Gravestone at Yeocomico Episcopal Church shows
birth: 11/5/1888
death: 1/13/1968
Ninth Bishop of Diocese of Virginia
Was awarded an honorary degree by William and Mary
1951 Frederick Deane Goodwin (LL.D.) Bishop of Virginia
From Virginia Episcopalian, May 2007, Vol 116, No 3
Goodwin House—named after the Rt. Rev. Frederick Dean Goodwin, 10th Bishop of the Diocese, and his wife Blanche Elbert Moncure Goodwin
Feb 1968 "The Virginia Churchman", Vol 76, No 10, reported that
- F.D. Goodwin died in wheeling WV
- "his education began at old Mcguire School in Richmond, where his father was rector of St Marks Church. In 1908 he graduated from the Episcopal High School, Alexandria, and taught in Faquier county for a year before entering the college of William and Mary.
- "At william and Mary, Fred Goodwin excelled both as a student and as an athlete, all the while teacing part-time to pay for his tuition. He won three letters in athletics and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa scholastic fraternity.
- "He earned three degrees at William and Mary, B.A., B.S., and M.A. Upon graduation, he taught for two more years, contemplating careers as professor, doctor,or clergyman. He finlly chose the ministry, entered Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, and was graduated with the bachelor in divinity degree in 1917. 
Goodwin, Right Reverend Frederick Deane (I166)
23 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 11/6/1881 and that she died young
Archer family records noted that she died in Lewisburg WV at age 17 hours on 6 April, 1883
Lacy, Josephine Wales (Died in Infancy) (I59)
24 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 12/13/1838
Gravestone shows
birth 1838 and
death 1906
Goodwin, Fannie Archer (I127)
25 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 12/13/1871
Goodwin, Vernon (I431)
26 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 12/15/1879
Gravestone shows
birth - 12/15/1879 and
death - 1/29/1902
apparently unmarried
Archer Family Records note date of death as 27 Jan 1902
1880 census indcated that Ella was 6 mos old, confirming the DOB on gravestone
Ribble, Ella Sylvester (I398)
27 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 3/20/1881
Gravestone shows
death date of 9/30/1905
age 24 years (implies birth abt 1881)
parents JF and LR Goodwin
Whitepaper titled "Descendants of Ther Rev. William Rutherfoord Goodwin, D. D. (1869-1939), reports
Ella Harvie Goodwin and Edouard F. Henriques had no issue
Archer Family Records notes date of death as 30 September 1904 [conflicts with gravestone]
Goodwin, Ella Harvie (I446)
28 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 3/7/1883 and that he died young
Lacy, Thomas Hugo (Died in Infancy) (I388)
29 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 3/8/1879
Gravestone shows
1879 - 1963
Lacy, Frances Eppes (I440)
30 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 4/13/1884 9 a one year error if the gravestone is to be believed)
Gravestone provides dates of
birth (4/13/1885) and
death (9/9/51) and
lists husband as Clarence A Repass
Archer Family records shows birth date of 4/13/1884
Whitepaper titled "Descendants of Ther Rev. William Rutherfoord Goodwin, D. D. (1869-1939), reports
Name as Letitia (this conflicts with gravestone which reads 'Laeta')
born - 1884
died - 1951
married Clarence Repass
had one daughter
Goodwin, Laeta Moore (I447)
31 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 4/15/1867 and indicates he is twin of John Francis
DOB from 1880 Census for Lovington, Nelson, VA showed Frederick as 13 yrs old implying DOB of 1867.
Census also annotated that John and Frederick were twins
1930 Census, Dinwiddie County, Petersburg, lists Frederick as Frederick G. (? - Goodwin)
Census also shows that Frederick Ribble was not a military veteran.
"A Link Among the Days" reports that
- attended VTS commecing in 1990 with brother Frank and with WAR Goodwin
Stowe's Clerical Directory, 1920-21
- 301 S. Jefferson St., Petersburg, VA
- R. Ch. Gd. Shpd., and S. Joh. Ch., and Prof. Bp. Payne div. Sch., Petersburg VA 1902 -
- b Norwood, VA 4/15/4867
- M.A. UVA,
- VTS - 1893, D-1893, P-1894
- m. Caroline Stribling Marshall, June 1893
- F. R. S. Andr. Ch., Brunswick Co., VA., 1892-96
Randolph Par., 1896
- S. Mark Ch, Culpeper Co., Va. 1903
Ribble, Reverend Frederick Deane Goodwin (I392)
32 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 6/10/1853
Gravestone transcription:
Ella Rosa Goodwin
4th Daughter of
Rev. F. D. Goodwin and Mary F Archer
Born Jun 10 1853
Fell Asleep Apr 5 1928
Goodwin, Ella Rosa (I239)
33 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 6/24/1863
Gravestone indicates
6/24/1863 - 4/13/1929
Ribble, Kathleen Anderson (I391)
34 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 7/17/1872 and reports that he died young
"A Link Among the Days" notes that
- he "died in infancy"
Whitepaper titled "Descendants of Ther Rev. William Rutherfoord Goodwin, D. D. (1869-1939), reports
born 19 July 1872 (note conflict with data in Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass"
died 1873
Archer Family Records shows birth date of 17 July 1872
Goodwin, John Francis "Frank" ,Jr. (I129)
35 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 7/20/1840
"A Link Among the Days" notes that
- he became an Arizona territorial judge

Goodwin, Judge Frederick LeBaron (I236)
36 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 8/17/1887
Stowe's Clerical Directory (various)
- b. Wytheville, VA, Aug 17, 1887
- University of Richmond, BA, 1908
- UVA, MA 1910
- VTS BD 1913, GTS 1913-14
- Columbia, 1914
- Deacon June 1913, Priest June 1914
- married Maria Lee Goodwin, Fed 22, 1916 - four children
- In charge, St John's Church and St Paul's Church Richmond VA 1911-12
- Emmanuel Church Harrisonburg, VA 1913
- Curate Trinity Church Newark NJ 1913-14
- Professor Philos, New Testament, Boone University, China, 1914-15
- Curate St Paul’s Church Rochester, NY, 1915-16
- Rector St Peters Church, Sheridan Wyo, 1916-17
- Rural Dean, Sheridan Wyo, 1916-17
- Rector St Johns Church, Leesburg, VA 1917-18
- Chaplain A. E. F. France 1918-19, 79th Div Base Hospital 90 and HQ, Chaumont Base Hospital 57, HQ and Locum Tenens, Holy Trinity, Paris; Camp Pontaneza, Brest France
- Locum Tenens Grace Church, Plymouth NC
- Rector Zion and St Andrews Parish including St Phillips col. mission, Charlestown, St Paul’s Chapel Millville, Trinity Chapel, Ranson and St John’s mission, lower Harpers Ferry, W. VA
- Missionary in charge St Andrews Church-on-Mount, St Johns Church, Rippon and St Johns, Church, Harpers Ferry, Jefferson Co. WVA 1920-27
- Rector St John's Church Helena Arkansas, 1927-29
- Rector St Michaels Church Charleston, SC 1929-35
- Rector St Johns Church, Waynesboro, VA 1935-46
- Rector Emeritus, St John's Church Waynesboro, VA 1946 -
- President Standing Committee Diocese WVA, Member Standing Committee on Diocese Arkansas, Chairman Commission Evangelist, Examining Chaplain, Member Board of Religious Education, Chairman Teaching Mission, all Dioceses SC, Chairman Commission on Church Unity, Diocese SW VA, 1939-40
- Author: "Force of Intercession"
Regarding Conrad's tour of duty as Locum Tenens Grace Church, Plymouth NC, Conrad Goodwin was in North Carolina for less than a year. His entry in Stowe’s Clerical Directory of the American Church, 1929-1930, pp. 136-137, list him at Grace Church, Plymouth, NC, between his time in France and his rectorship of Zion and St. Andrew’s Parish, WV, 1920-1927, but giving no dates for North Carolina. The Journals of the Diocese of East Carolina (location of Plymouth), however, never listed him as canonically resident in that Diocese. The Southern Churchman came through for me again.
“Personal Notes,” Southern Churchman LXXXV (January 31, 1920) No 5: 24.
“The address of the Rev. Conrad H. Goodwin, late chaplain I the army, is Plymouth, N.C., Diocese of East Carolina, where he is doing temporary work.”
“Personal Notes,” Southern Churchman LXXXV (October 23, 1920) No. 43:23.
“The Rev. Conrad H. Goodwin, who has for several months been in charge of Grace Church, Plymouth, N.C., and associated missions, has accepted a call to Zion Church, Charles Town, w. Va., and expects to take charge on Sunday, October 24.”
Obituary in Newport New Daily Press, Pg 49, 1959 provided following information:
- was visiting the home of his nephew and sister at 25 Manteo Ave, Hampton, VA at time of his death
- his home was at Weems.
- graduate of UVA
- had been rector of Episcopal churches in Charles, SC and Waynesville, NC
- served as Army chaplin in WW I
- survivors include:
-- Rev. Conrad H. Goodwin, Jr of Easton, MD (son)
-- Edward R Goodwin of Gainesville, FL (son)
-- Marshall LeBaron Goodwin of Palm Springs, CA (son)
-- Mrs. Roderick Firth of Lexington, MA (daughter)
-- Rev. Robert Archer Goodwin of Winchester, VA (brother)
-- Dr. T. Campbell Goodwin of Cooperstown, NY (brother)
- buried at Wytheville, VA (probably at the Goodwin family cemetary)
1930 census says they lived in Charleston, SC
Birth and death information confirmed from gravestone
Pg 21 of History of St. John's Episcopal Church, Waynesboro, Virginia 1904 - 1979 reports:
Conrad H. Goodwin was a graduate of the University of Richmond and the Virginia Theological Seminary who, after ordination as a priest in 1914, had served goodly number of churches as assistant or rector and also as a chaplain with the American Expeditionary Forces in the First World War, before his most recent position (19129-35) as rector of St. Michael's in Charleston, South Carolina. Arriving in Waynesboro in mid-December 1935 ....

Pg 22 of History of St John's
... Mr. Goodwin became St. John's seventh rector as of 1 January 1937 with an annual salary of $2,100 and use of the rectory. Unlike his predecessors he would remain its spiritual leader for more than a decade.

Pg 28 of History of St John's
.... on the last day of June 1943, Mr. Goodwin informed the vestry that his doctor had told him that, because of his heart condition, he needed a complete rest during the next two months.

Two years later Mr. Goodwin on the advise of his doctors tendered his resignation as rector of St. John's, as of 15 June 1946. The vestry .... appointed Mr. Goodwin rector emeritus of St John's from the date of his retirement. .... From Waynesboro the Goodwins removed to Weems, Virginia, near Chesapeake Bay, where the rector emeritus lived until his death in 1959 at the age of seventy-two.
"A Link in the Days" reports
- Conrad was curate and assistant at St Pauls at the time of his wedding to Maria Lee (p. 94) [entry does not say whether it was St Paul's Wytheville or Richmond]

Goodwin, of Anking, China, and his family have lately reached Virginia on their vacation, after five years’ service and are now at Casanova, Fauquier county, Va., where they will remain for several weeks. The Rev. Conrad H. Goodwin also returned with his brother on account of ill heath, acting under the advice of the Board of Missions and his Bishop.” from “Virginia. Returned Missionaries,” Southern Churchman LXXX (07/17/1915), No. 29, p. 8.
Goodwin, Reverend Conrad Harrison (I38)
37 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 8/9/1884
Birth and death dates from gravestone
8/9/1884 - 11/27/1958
Newspaper marriage announcement
Marriage of Interest.
A marriage of much interest to society here and throughout the state is that of Miss Maria Lee Goodwin, daughter of Rev. Edward L. Goodwin, D.D., and Mrs. Goodwin, to Rev Conrad Harrison Goodwin, son of the late Rev. Robert Archer Goodwin, D.D. and Mrs. Mary Ambler Harrison Goodwin. The ceremony took place yesterday evening at 7:30 o'clock at St. James Church in Ashland in the presence of a large assembly of relatives and friends. The altar and chancel were banked with palms, ferns, carnations and lighted candles. The betrothal service was read by Rev R. A. Goodwin, brother of the groom, and the bride's father performed the ceremony.
The bride entered the church with her brother, Dr. Edward LeBaron Goodwin, and they were preceded to the altar by a vested choir of sixteen voices, singing the bridal hymn, "O Perfect Love.". Mrs. James W. Ballard of Fairfax, was her sister's dame of honor and only attendant, and Frederick Deane Goodwin, brother of the bride, was best man. The ushers included Rev William B. Lee, of Hanover; Rev. Devall L. Gwathmey, of Waynesboro; Grayson Dashiell, of Richmond, and Percy Guilbert, of Ashland.
A small gathering of relatives went to the rectory after the service for an informal reception. Some of the guests from a distance attending the wedding were Miss Ella R. Goodwin, Wytheville; Miss Constance Nourse, Casanova; Miss Lacy, Washington; Mrs. James W. Ballard, Fairfax; Edward G. Ballard, Little Miss Margaret Lewis Ballard, Fairfax; Miss F. E. Lacy Blackstone; Miss Elbert Moncure, Williamsburg.
Goodwin, Maria Lee (I354)
38 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 9/2/1842
Gravestone in Wytheville, VA East End Cemetery shows
Died Aug 8, 1893
Aged 50 years
(gravestone implies birth between 9 Aug 1842 and 7 Aug 1843)
"A Link Among the Days", pg 21, notes that John Francis Goodwin was a Lieutenant, CSA, or Richmond's Home Guard at war's end. He entered in 1863, was assigned to Company B of the 6th Battalion of the Virginia Infantry, Local Defense. In april 1864, he was elected junior second lieutenant. His 6th Batallion was combined with the 2nd and formed the 2nd Regiment.
"A Link Among the Days", pg 21, notes Frank's birth in 1842
"A Link Among the Days", pg 22, notes that
- by 1858, "Frank and his uncle William M. Archer had become partners in Richmond's Vulcan iron Works."
- in 1870, he quit the iron works and poor health drove the family from Richmond to the country, on doctors orders. Nothing in Frank's or Letitia's background was conducive to successful farming.
- the family moved to Norwood, VA (formerly New Market, VA) because Dr. William H. Ribble, married to Frank's sister Fanny Goodwin, had a practice there and might have the benefit of his medical expertise.
- in Norwood, they initially lived with the Ribbles and then to a home next door to the Ribbles, just above the church on the east side of the village
- received $5,060 from Letitia's father to "acquire a 563 acre farm on the river bottoms a mile east of the house. Frank took title as trustee for his wife. He seems never to actually have grasped the plow. Will said his father 'fared from a distance;' tenants worked the place on shares. 'We alwasy believed that the tenants made a very good living fromthe farm." "We were never quite certan that we did."
- Frank and Letitia moved to Wytheville, VA sometime before 1889. (p 33)
Goodwin, John Francis "Frank" (I124)
39 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 9/20/1887, who died in infancy
Goodwin, David (I122)
40 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 9/25/1886
Gravestone is very hard to read. It appears to say that
Born 25 Sep 1880 (leaving as 25 Sept 1886 which was previous data & is supported by WW I draft registration)
Died 10 Oct 1918
WW I Draft Registration Card indicates
Date of Birth: 9/25/1886
Location of Birth: Albemarle Co, VA
Occupation: Physician in Ashland, VA
Goodwin, Dr. Edward LeBaron (I157)
41 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows death date of 1867
"We and Our Kinsfolk", by Ephraim and Rebekah Waterman Briggs, reports Maggie Sevier was the grand-daughter of Tennessee Governor Tennessee
Sevier, Maggie (I489)
42 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows last name of McMeans vice McMeane which was previously obtained from an unknown source
Archer Family Records show date of death as 11/6/1900
McMeans, Ella (I430)
43 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows marriage date of 1/11/1881
Archer family records appears to be a marriage date of Jun vice Jan 1881
Family F32
44 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows marriage date of 10/20/1870
Archer family records notes Miss McMean was from Santa Rosa, CA and confirms 10/20/1870 date
Family F125
45 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows marriage date of 10/24/1877
Family F30
46 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows marriage date of 6/27/1883
Anne Ribble's reading of Archer family records reads the year at 1884
Family F13
47 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows marriage date of 7/14/1868
"A Link Among the Days", pg 23, notes the marriage was "July 14, 1868, at St. Paul's". The Archer Family records confirm this data.
Family F33
48 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows marriage date of 7/24/1862
Archer family records notes that Fannie Archer Goodwin was married by her father Rev Frederick Deane Goodwin 7/24/1862
Family F35
49 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows marriage date of 9/3/1873
Archer family records confirm marriage date of 9/3/1873 and adds that she was married in St John's church Wytheville, VA by her father (Rev Frederick Dean Goodwin and Rev. F. D. Forrest
Family F128
50 "Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows middle name of Carter (Sallie Carter Crump)
"Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows death date of 1880
Archer Family Records show name as Sallie Corlis Crump and date of death as 26 Aug 1880
Newspaper Obituary in Archer Family Records
"GOODWIN-Entered into rest on Thursday, August 26th, 1890, in Salem, Roanoke county, Va., Sallie Carter Crump Goodwin, wife of Rev. R. A. Goodwin, and daughter of the late Dr. William and Mrs. Alice G. Crump of Albemarle, in the twenty-first year of her age.
So has passed away from the friends who loved to the God who gave her one of those sweet spirits whom we can so hardly spare save for the brighter ministry of heaven. From earliest childhood she realized her duties and her privileges as a “child of God,” and the characteristics of her whole life were her devotion to duty and her simple-hearted trust in the Saviour. Led by the dealings of God’s providence, in her girlhood’s days she learned the responsibilities of womanhood, and became the stay and solace of a widowed mother. Called at an early age to the duties of wife and mother, she performed them well, to the glory of God. In her own home she developed to a remarkable degree those lovely Christian graces which so plainly mark the life hid with Christ in God. The heart of her husband did safely trust in her, and he found her a ready and efficient helper in the work of turning souls into righteousness.
Her end was a fitting one to such a life. Her work and her sufferings finished, at once she slept in Jesus; and as the daylight of heavenly rest broke upon the happy soul a smile of joy left its impress on the face of the dead. The Father had gathered home His own, yet left us the precious example of one who walked humbly with God and glorified Him in every relation of life.
“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”
E.L.G. [Rev Edward Lewis Goodwin was brother in law of Sallie Carter Crump Goodwin]

Newspaper IN MEMORIUM in the Archer Family Records
"In Memoriam
At a meeting of the members of St. John’s church, held August 20th, the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted:
We have met this evening to render a tribute of sympathy to our beloved pastor, occasioned by the death of his cherished wife, who passed away from our midst on Sunday last to where beyond these voices there is perfect peace.
The following is a just tribute to the memory of one whose demise has filled so many hearts with sorrow.
The beauty and purity and eternity of the virtues which ever animated the bosom of the new entombed one it is the melancholy pleasure to record, which brings with it no sting, but “death swallowed up in victory.”
Kind, gentle and affable, none could approach our beloved sister without being impressed by the amiability and fullness of heart that her excessive modesty could not conceal. In the domestic circle her virtues shone with a most cheerful radiance, and that circle, alas, suffers the darkest eclipse from death.
Now the altar round which clustered the sympathies and hopes and loves of a family which were wont to commune is draped in cypress, but at the foot of that altar and by the side of that cypress is the “nether end of a bow” stretching far heavenward and spanning the mournful scene with the glittering promise of a reunion above. May that promise be fulfilled, and the loved ones below regard the beloved as “not dead, but gone before.” We cannot measure our sympathy in words, but we can try to imitate her beautiful Christian ideal, which was love and charity to all, and practiced in her daily life.
Resolved, That we assure the bereaved family of our tender sympathy and Christian love in this time of deep distress.
Resolved, That a copy of these proceedings be conveyed to the family, and a copy be published in the daily papers.
Mrs. S. REED, Chairman,
Mrs. S. CRUMP,
Mrs. McMINN,
Mrs. G. S. CURRIE, Committee
Mrs. J. E.FITZ
Crump, Sarah "Sallie" Carter (I123)

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