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101 1910 census, Petersburg VA shows Frederick and Caroline married for 16 years, implying a marriage date of abt 1894.
Stowe's Clerical Directory 1920-21 shows marriage date as Jun 1893
Archer family records indicate a marriage year of 1894
Family F120
102 1910 Census, Petersburg VA, indicates Bessie was 37 years old, implying a dob of 1873. It reports she was born in California, her father was born in Virginia, and her mother was born in Alabama.
"Descendants of Francis LeBaron of Plymouth Mass" shows birth date of 11/4/1873
Archer Family records indicates a birth date of 11/4/1875
Goodwin, Bessie (I432)
103 1910 Census, Petersburg VA, indicates that William H was 8 years old, implying a dob of 1902.
Archer Family records indicates a birth date of 10/27/1900
Ribble, William Harrison (I413)
104 1910 Census, Petersburg VA, showed John M as 9 years old on 4/15/1910, implying a dob of abt 1901
Archer Family records shows birth date of 5/9/1900
Library of Virginia Search of Military Veterans -
- 23 June 1945: died suddenly of a heart attack; Residence: Culpeper Co/Petersburg, City of; Engineer; International Division, Corps of Engineers; prior service in Marine Corps. Died in Glendale, his home, in Fauquier County, VA.
- Achieved the rank of Lieutenance Colonel.
Ribble, John Marshall (I407)
105 1910 Census, Petersburg VA, showed Mildred S as 12 years old on 4/15/1910, implying a dob of abt 1898
William and Mary listed Frederick Deane Goodwin Ribble as Commencement Speaker in 1952
1952 Frederick D.G. Ribble, M.A., LL.M., Jur.Sc.D., LL.D.
Professor of Law and Dean of the Department of Law
University of Virginia
Was awarded an honorary degree by William and Mary
1952 Frederick Deane Goodwin Ribble university professor (LL.D.)
Ribble, Frederick Deane Goodwin (I406)
106 1910 Census, Petersburg VA, showed Mildred S as 14 years old on 4/15/1910, implying a dob of abt 1896
1920 Census, Petersburg VA listed Mildred's occupation as stenographer
Ribble, Mildred Marshall S. (I404)
107 1910 Census, Petersburg, indicates the present marriage to Bessie G was 5 years old, implying a marriage date of 1905
Stowe's Clerical Directory, 1920-21
- John Francis Ribble married Bessie Goodwin, Santa Rosa CA, 1909
Family F126
108 1910 Census, Petersburg, VA indicated Mary is five years old, implying a 1905 dob.
Ribble, Mary Beale (I414)
109 1910 Census, Wytheville, VA shows age of 8 implying a DOB of abt 1901
Archer family records indicates birthdate of 7/9/1899 and also shows the name as William Robert vice Robert William
"Physicians of the Ribble Family"
- attended the University of VA
- was in WW I
- married Martha Archer Pannill of Halifax, VA in 1923
- lived in New York City
- died in Nov 1965
Ribble, Robert William (I400)
110 1915 Graduate of the University of Tennessee
Member of UT Basketball Team
Klein, Victor Hill (I46)
111 1920 Census reports
Home in 1920: Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Birthplace: New York [New Jersey]
Parents born in Pennsylvania
Whitepaper titled "Descendants of Ther Rev. William Rutherfoord Goodwin, D. D. (1869-1939), reports
- middle name is Harding
- born in West Orange, NJ in Sept 1890
- died in West Orange, NJ on 11 January, 1976
M.R.M. Goodwin's Descendants of WAR Goodwin reports
- born in West Orange, NJ on 6 Sept, 1890
- died in West Orange,NJ on 11 Jan 1976
Farr, Barclay Harding (I738)
112 1930 census City of Petersburg, Dinwiddie county, shows Elsie's age as 27 implying a DOB of abt 1903
Census also shows Elsie as a public school teacher
Anne Ribble of Charlottesville, VA reports that Elsie's birth date was 9/11/1902
Ribble, Elsie Sylvester (I408)
113 1930 Census for City of Petersburg, Dinwiddie County, shows Caroline's age as 24, implying a DOB of abt 1906
Census also shows Caroline as a public school teacher
Ribble, Caroline Marshall (I409)
114 1930 Census for City of Petersburg, Dinwiddie County, shows Frances's age at 33, implying a DOB of abt 1899
Ribble, Frances LeBaron (I405)
115 1930 census for Dinwiddie County, City of Petersburg, shows C. Marshall's first name is Caroline
and an age of 67, implying a DOB of about 1867
Marshall, Caroline Stribling (I403)
116 1930 Census reports Harry Galliani as a Policeman for the City of Newport News, VA. He was born in New York. His parents were born in South America.
Galliani, Harry (I741)
117 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Walker, Finley Jane (I2513)
118 30 Nov 1979, 0630, date of death from letter, written by Ken's wife Nance. Letter further reported that:
- Memorial Ceremony held by his old Regimental Association
- referred to a prior accident and some 'brain damage'
- cause of death was unrelated to the accident
1961 - Mumps went through the family
1966 - Deputy Principal of North Ryde High School 
Moulton, Kenneth Carlyle (I91)
119 303 Prince George Street, near the Governor's Mansion was built by William Timson about 1715-1717. In 1984, the house was occupied by Mrs. Rutherfoord Goodwin, former Research Associate of Colonial Williamsburg, and daughter-in-law of the Reverend William Archer Rutherfoord Goodwin, who wrote a historical sketch of Bruton Church
Pg xxiii of "A Link Amog the Days" reports Mary's death was in 1990
Descendants of The Rev William Archer Rutherfoord Goodwin (1869 - 1939) provided
- name as Mary Randolph Mordecai of Richmond, VA
- birthday of 2/13/1906
- daughter of John Brooke and Mary Magill Randolph Mordecai of Richmond
Mordecai, Mary Randolph (I180)
120 8/18/1925, T. Campbell sailed back to NY from Cherbourg France - reason unknown Goodwin, Thomas Campbell "T. Campbell" (I41)
121 9 Oct 2005 Obiturary for Dr. Edward Valentine Jones noted that he was survived by sister-in-law Virginia Jones (wife of his brother Archer LeBaron)
NEWPORT NEWS - Virginia Galliani Jones, 94, passed away on Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008. A native of Baltimore, Md., she had been a Peninsula resident for almost 90 years. She was a lifelong and active member of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, where she was known for her strong faith and her commitment to those in need. Virginia retired from the Veterans Administration Hospital and Bayberry Psychiatric Hospital, Hampton.
Virginia was preceded in death by her parents, Harry and Mary Stewart Galliani; husband, Archer LeBaron Jones; and daughter, Ann Hackner Williams. She is survived by her grandson, Donald S. Williams and wife, Renee; two grandchildren, Ryan and Shannon of Bluefield, W.Va.; and many wonderful nieces and nephews. Virginia will be greatly missed by all her family and friends. A memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday, April 6, 2008, at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, officiated by the Reverend Isabel Steilberg. At a later date, a family graveside service will be conducted at Westover Episcopal Church Cemetery, Charles City, VA. Memorial contributions may be made to St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 221 34th Street, Newport News, VA 23607. Arrangements are under the care of Peninsula Funeral Home. Published in the Daily Press on 4/2/2008 
Galliani, Virginia (I109)
122 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Watt, Douglas Roderick Buell (I1024)
123 9/8/07 - Sent package to Maria Lee Goodwin Firth at both a Jupiter, FL and MA addresses. Package was intro letter, 1899 Wytheville picture, Edward Ballard recollections at Ashland, and a descendants listing of Frederick Deane Goodwin
9/14/07 - received a call from Maria Lee Goodwin Firth from FL. She had received the mailing. Spoke for about an hour.
3/7/2010 - received a phone call from Rod Firth, son of Maria Lee Goodwin Firth reporting that his mother had died on 6 Feb 2010.
Goodwin, Maria Lee "Lee" (I117)
124 According to 'Descendants of Jaquelin Ambler', pg 8, Mary Ann Harrison was the 2nd wife of Wm. H. Fitzhugh
Fitzhugh, William H. (I2642)
125 According to 'Descendants of Jaquelin Ambler,' pg 8, Eula Holman was George Fisher Harrison's 4th wife and there is no listing for Inlio Page as a wife of George Fisher Harrison
Page, Inlio (I755)
126 According to 'Descendants of Jaquelin Ambler,' pg 8, Eula Holman was George Fisher Harrison's 4th wife and there is no listing for Inlio Page as a wife of George Fisher Harrison
Holman, Eula (I2649)
127 According to 'Descendants of jaquelin Ambler,; pg 8, Sally Brown was the first of four wives for George Fisher Harrison.
Family F1000
128 According to 'Descendants ofJaquelin Ambler', Betty Ambler was the first wife of Wm. H. Fitzhugh.
Harrison, Betty Ambler (I2640)
129 According to a wedding announcement in the Southern Churchman newspaper of 10 December 1896 (p. 10):
“RIBBLE-BEALE – In St. Paul’s church, Newport News, Va., on Tuesday, December 1, by Rev. Frederick Ribble, rector of the church, to Miss MARY GORDON BEALE.”
Family F121
130 According to Father-in-law Edward Ballard's unpublishd autobiography,
- David espoused Buddist religious beliefs
According to Lucy Armentroutn, his daughter,
- he was married seven (7) times, with final marriage to Mercedes Marie Dickson Armentrout, nee Mercedes Marie Torres. - Lucy was his only child
- held Doctorate in clinical Therapy, specifically te hyptnotic treatment and clinical counseling of patients with drug additions
- was a private pilot who loved to fly airplanes
- interest in natural pharmacology.
Armentrout, David Parker (I967)
131 According to Lura Mae Greene's 1980 Genealogy of the Ferguson family, Ulas Hayes lived on Jonathan Creek.
Ferguson, Ulas Hayes (I1497)
132 According to notes from Carol's aunt, Retta Jean, Winthrope moved from NH to Ill in 1837 Seavey, Winthrope (I651)
133 Address in Dec 1970 was 550 Cicero, San Antonio, TX 78218 Tilley, Henry Adolphus (I574)
134 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F26
135 Anglican Minister of Scottish heritage
Stewart, Norman (I2327)
136 Archer Family Records describes Robert Samual Archer as the eldest son of Robt and Frances Archer
Archer, Robert Samuel (I233)
137 Archer Family Records identifies Anne Cocke (married name) as Anne Cocke's mother
Anne (I1112)
138 Archer Family Records identifies Hartwell Cocke as Anne Cocke's father
Cocke, Hartwell (I1111)
139 Archer Family Records identifies Joseph R. Anderson of Botetourt County as husband to Sarah E. Archer with DOM of 5/3/1837
[From Wikipedia - 4/24/10]
Early life and career
Joseph Reid Anderson was born at "Walnut Hill" near Fincastle , the county seat of Botetourt County, Virginia in 1813. The grandson of Irish immigrants, he was the son of Colonel William Anderson (1764-1839) and Anne (née Thomas) Anderson. The elder Anderson had served in the American Revolutionary War , and was also a colonel of a Virginia regiment in the War of 1812 . Joseph's father was a self-taught engineer and surveyor and was later responsible for the building of the turnpike that is now U.S. Route 220 and (for part of the way) U.S. Route 60 from Fincastle to Covington . Col. Anderson's son was to follow in similar work.
Joseph was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York , and graduated 4th in his class in 1836. In recognition of his engineering abilities, Anderson was assigned as an assistant engineer in the Engineer Bureau in Washington before being officially transferred to the United States Army Corps of Engineers on July 1, 1837, as a brevet second lieutenant . His primary duty with the Corps of Engineers was in the construction of Fort Pulaski to guard the Port of Savannah, Georgia
Anderson married Sara Eliza Archer, daughter of Dr. Robert Archer, the post surgeon at Fort Monroe at the entrance to Hampton Roads in Elizabeth City County, Virginia. Seeking better prospects than army life promised, in 1837, he resigned to work as a civil engineer with Virginia State Engineer Claudius Crozet , who had earlier been a professor of engineering at West Point. Under the Virginia Board of Public Works , Anderson became Assistant State Engineer and served was chief engineer of the Valley Turnpike Company , a toll road which extended between Staunton and Winchester, Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley from 1838 until 1841.
In 1841, Anderson joined the Tredegar Iron Company in Richmond, Virginia, eventually becoming its owner in 1848. By 1860, he was a leading industrialist in the South and his foundry on the James River was one of the largest in the United States, producing steam locomotives, boilers, cables, naval hardware, and cannon.

Civil War
When the Civil War came, the Tredegar Iron Company emerged as the industrial heart of the Confederate States of America. Using slave and free labor, Anderson supervised ordnance and munitions production through most of the war.
Anderson, a supporter of southern secession and states' rights, was commissioned a brigadier general in the Confederate Army on September 3, 1861. Initially assigned to command the Confederate forces at Wilmington, North Carolina , in April 1862, he was reassigned to the area around Fredericksburg, Virginia , opposite Union Irvin McDowell .
With the mounting threat to Richmond during the Peninsula Campaign , Anderson was placed in command of the 3rd Brigade in A.P. Hill's newly formed "Light Division." During the Seven Days Battles , he saw action at Mechanicsville, Gaines' Mill, and was wounded at Frayser's Farm on June 30, 1862.

General Anderson resigned his army commission on July 19, 1862, and served the Confederate war effort in the Ordnance Department until the Evacuation of Richmond on the night of April 2-3, 1865. As the retreating Confederate troops burned many of the munitions dumps and industrial warehouses that would have been valuable to the North, Anderson reportedly paid over fifty armed guards to protect the Tredegar facility from arsonists. As a result, the Tredegar Iron Works is one of few Civil War era buildings that survived the burning of Richmond.

Postbellum activities
During the Federal occupation of Richmond, the U.S. government had confiscated the Tredegar Iron Company's property, but Anderson regained control in 1867 and remained a prominent Virginia businessman as its president. His son, Archer Anderson , became involved in the business, and became president of the Tredegar Iron Works after his father's death.

After his wife Sara died in 1881, Anderson remarried. His second wife was Mary Evans Pegram, making him a brother-in-law to Confederate General John Pegram and Colonel William Ransom Johnson Pegram, both of whom had been killed during the war.

Joseph Reid Anderson died while on a vacation at Isles of Shoals, New Hampshire. It was widely reported that 30,000 citizens came to his funeral when he was buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.
Anderson, Joseph Reid (I1118)
140 Archer Family Records identifies Mary Cornish of Princess Anne as John R. Archer's wfe
Cornish, Mary (I1110)
141 Archer Family Records identifies S. Williamson as mother of Sarah J. Williamson
Sarah (I1116)
142 Archer Family Records identifies William Woodford of Norfolk as the husband of Anna Maria Archer
Woodford, William (I1113)
143 Archer Family Records indicate marriage performed by Rev Frederick Deane Goodwin
Family F372
144 Archer Family Records indicates Ella Virginia (6th daughter of Robert and Frances Archer) died of scarlet fever on 3/25/1850 at age 19 years 11 months. Date of birth believed to be 1 May 1830 - approx 19 years 11 months
Archer, Ella Virginia (I1130)
145 Archer Family Records indicates that Edward A. Archer was the first son of Robert Archer and Frances
Archer, Edward Archibald (I1129)
146 Archer Family Records inidcates Rosa Sylvester's death due to Scarlet Fever in 3/19/1850 at age 7 Yrs 2 Mos. she was the 7th daughter of Robert and Fanny Archer
Archer, Rosa Sylvester (I229)
147 Archer Family Records notes the marriage was performed by Rev. Frederick Deane Goodwin
Family F385
148 Archer Family Records p.15
- Edward Archer son of Ed. and Mary Archer was married to Mary daughter of Harwell and Ann Cocke of Surry City, VA March 12th 1772
Archer Family records, p. 16
Mary, his wife was born 26 Sept 1752 [Edward was married twice, both times to a Mary. To which does it apply. On assumption that the entry was made when there was only one wife named Mary, this birth date would apply to Mary Cocke]
Cocke, Mary (I198)
149 Archer Family Records p.15
- The above Edward Archer (previous entry refers to son of Ed. and mary Archer) was married to Mary Thornington of Norfolk County VA who was the daughter of Richard and Dorcas Sylvester on 12th of November 1791
Archer Family records, p. 16
Mary, his wife was born 26 Sept 1752 [Edward was married twice, both times to a Mary. To which does it apply. On assumption that the entry was made when there was only one wife named Mary, this birth date would apply to Mary Cocke]
Archer Family Records notes that Mary Thornington Sylvester died at Fort Monroe on 13 July 1835, at age 71 which implies a birth date of 1764
Sylvester, Mary Thornington (I80)
150 Archer Family Records, p.17
Adelaide Oliveira fifth daughter of Rober and Frances Archer was born 29th July 1829
Adelaide O. Archer 5th daughter of R & F Archer died 18 Aug 1831, aged 2 years
Archer, Adelaide Oliveira (I228)

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